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This past Summer 2023 I had the pleasure of creating a new small-batch flavor every week for my booth at the Burlington Farmers Market. Now I'm bringing back some of those favorites during the Winter farmers markets in Burlington and Montpelier! Supplies are limited so catch 'em while you can at the markets and here! I hope you enjoy my boutique creations!


October 21 - Mustard & Onion is back!

A fun mix of mustard powder, onion with some cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic and sea salt. This is one I'm going to have to add to the regulars! Naturally buttery and always organic, vegan and gluten free!

October 14 - Maple Cherry Caramel

My caramel corn recipe topped with extra organic maple sugar, tart cherry powder, organic powdered sugar and sea salt. What a treat!! Gonna have to make this one again!

October 7 - Buttered Almond? (V)
My caramel corn recipe, infused with organic almond flavoring and topped with organic sugars and sea salt. The first test-bite tasted so buttery I had to name it Buttered Almond?, although all of my flavors are dairy-free and vegan! You won't believe it!

October 1 - Mustard & Onion

A fun mix of mustard powder, onion with some cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic and sea salt. This is one I'm going to have to add to the regulars! Naturally buttery and always organic, vegan and gluten free!

September 9, 16, 23 & 30 - Pumpkin Vice is back for the season!

*available under flavors and variety packs September - December*

September 2 - Smoked Maple

A super yummy kettle corn with extra maple sugar and hickory smoked sea salt.

August 26th - Toasted Coconut Caramel

It's a little extra labor to make my caramel corn recipes, but it is totally worth it, especially with this flavor! I mix my sea salted popcorn and hand-made caramel with a nice coating of coconut sugar and shredded coconut.

August 19th - Summer Herbs

A buttery and herb-y mix of parsley, thyme and sea salt. A fun mix of Summer grown herb flavor on my naturally-buttery popcorn with the perfect amount of saltiness.

August 12th - Maple Cinnamon

With all the maple fans out there, I thought it would be fun to try this yummy combo with my multi-color kernel mix. In addition to my organic maple sugar from Bascom Maple Farms, I sprinkled in some organic cinnamon, organic powdered sugar and a little sea salt. When I taste-tested it, I was immediately reminded of buttery toast topped with cinnamon and maple, yummmm!

August 5th - Rhymes with Tarragon (best by  date: 10/2/23)

This week’s flavor leans into classic seasonings and an unexpected addition. The batch’s name, Rhymes With Tarragon, gives away the flavorful complement to the mix, which also features salt, pepper and my trade secrets. If you’re a savory popcorn fan, you’ll adore this limited edition.

July 29th - Chocolate Orange

During my production time earlier this week, I felt inspired to craft a chocolate and orange creation. I adore this flavor combination around the holidays, and although it is the middle of Summer here, it's a wonderful sweet treat. This offering includes organic cacao, organic orange extract, organic cane sugar, organic powdered sugar and sea salt. You’ll notice a delightful blend of dark chocolate and bright citrus tones in this boutique kettle corn recipe.

July 22nd - This and That (garlic, chipotle and dill)

During a creative moment on my production day this week, I artfully blended organic garlic, organic chipotle, organic dill and sea salt into my big popcorn bowl. These are some of our favorite spices to use in our home kitchen so I wanted to see how this combination, or "a little of this and a little of that", turned out on popcorn and I absolutely loved it! I hope you do too!

July 8th - Spiced Cacao

In our home, mornings begin with a mug of warm cacao using a recipe that strives to respect the wondrous seed's heritage. This day-starting beverage inspired this week's new flavor. I blended organic cacao powder with just the right amount of cane sugar, vanilla beans, cinnamon and cayenne.

July 1st - Curry Cilantro

My naturally buttery popcorn topped with a special organic curry powder blend, organic dried cilantro and sea salt.

June 17th - Rain or Shine (smoked sugar and smoked salt)

Since farmers markets are open rain or shine, like this weekend's markets, this week's flavor is named the same. My organic, rainbow kernel mix is cooked with organic cane sugar and liquid smoked then topped with organic smoked sugar, hickory smoked salt and organic powdered sugar.

June 10th - Spice Drawer (ginger, garlic and pepper)

I dropped a dash of a dozen or so ingredients into this unique recipe. I'd list everything that's in this delicious mix, but it might be easier to list what's not in it! ;) Seriously, it's forward notes are ginger, garlic and pepper, and its later notes are "yum!"

June 3rd - Chili Maple
Pairing a little heat with maple sugar, yum! A little sweet, a little salty, a little tangy. Organic powdered chili with organic maple sugar, organic cane sugar and sea salt.

May 27th - Uncommon Kettle (brown sugar and black salt)

Gourmet kettle corn with organic brown sugar and lava salt for just the right balance of sweet to salty on top of my naturally buttery popcorn.

MAY 20th - Dill, Onion & Fennel
Light and Summery with some dill nicely matched with flavorful onion and just the right amount of sweet fennel ending with a natural buttery crunch and dusted with sea salt.

May 13th - Blueberry Almond