Popcorn joy is why I started my company. The experience of cooking popcorn, the scrumptious smell and the enjoyment of tasting each bite or handful, is often linked to fond memories for us. For me it was (and still is!) time with family and friends relaxing or celebrating. It is also watching a marvelous movie or series or putting my feet up at the end of a long work day and enjoying a bowl of popcorn with a favorite drink. I am grateful that I get to share my artisan take with you on such a cheerful and beloved treat!

Kettle cooking popcorn at home over the years, I worked on perfecting my technique and recipes. I drew on the skills I'd learned baking with my mom and cooking with my food scientist dad. I found that I could source popcorn from my local, organic farmers and that they offered different and delicious varieties, creating something quite unique and delicious. Then one Summer, with the creative business support of my wonderful spouse, I had an opportunity to turn my passion into a business. I'm very fortunate that he also doesn't mind being a regular taste tester ;). The reception at farmers markets and beyond let me know that my naturally buttery recipe was a hit! And all of the small-batch flavor creations that followed! I find true happiness in crafting a food that brings joy to others. I hope I get to share some popcorn bliss with you or someone you'd like to share the joy with!

So what makes my popcorn so special?
My popcorn is truly small-batch, as I hand kettle-cook just ninety cups of popcorn at a time in my trusty twenty six quart pot. I developed my own special recipes for both sweet and savory kettle-cooked popcorn. My yummy formula plus a curated kernel mix, crafts a natural buttery flavor and wonderful popped crunch in each batch. You really won't believe I don't use butter! I creatively mingle the popcorn with indulgent and organic ingredients to shape each of my twelve (and counting!) artisan flavors.

Exceptional kernel varieties

The exceptional popcorn varieties I source are a big reason for what sets my popcorn apart. I invest time in selecting and mixing just the right balance of kernels. I use nutty red, crunchy blue, crisp white and buttery yellow. Each kernel variety adds its own sumptuous flavor and texture while popping up in shades of yellow and white and in various sizes. The outcome is scrumptious!

Exceptional Ingredients
I seek out further top-quality organic ingredients, like organic Vermont maple sugar from Bascom Family Farms. That means my popcorn never has any pesticides or preservatives. A happy outcome from this choice is that every flavor also happens to be naturally whole-grain, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. Who-hoo! Incredibly scrumptious AND good for you! 

How it's Packaged
Each bag of artisan popcorn is thoughtfully hand packaged by me in heat-sealed, FDA-approved zip-top bags to keep your popcorn fresh for up to 9 weeks! After you open it, squeeze out the air, seal it back up and it will maintain it's yumminess. The back label lists all the organic ingredients used and a "best by" date. 

Kernels stay yummy for 1-3 years unopened! Once opened, store in a sealed container. Never store popcorn in the freezer or refrigerator. Popcorn needs a location that is not to dry or too wet, to maintain it's moisture content.

Each bag of Artisan Popcorn Topping is thoughtfully packaged in a heat-sealed, zip-top stand-up pouch. The label lists all the organic ingredients used and a one year best by date. Bags measure 4" x 1" x 6” and weighs 1.5 oz- 6 oz, depending on the flavor.

Allergen Information
I use all organic ingredients with the exception of just a few that either don't come in an organic variety or are extremely hard to come by. All of my products are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Made in a facility (shared kitchen) where dairy, eggs, seafood, peanuts, wheat and tree nuts are present.