DIY Gourmet Popcorn Kit - Herbaceous Blend

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Having a party? How about a movie night? A special treat for you or the kids? Now you can make Karen's Artisan Popcorn fresh and HOT off the stove at home! It's organic and it's crazy delicious! My DIY kit cooks up about 70-80 cups of popcorn, so you'll have lots to cook with whenever you need it!! It's makes a great gift, or the perfect way to make treats for lunch box snacks, party favors and more! You get one pound of my Gourmet Popcorn Mix and one pouch of my signature Herbaceous Blend Artisan Popcorn Topping. I've even included my signature kettle-cooking recipe instructions for you! Now you can really get that Karen's Artisan Popcorn flavor at home!

Herbaceous Blend
My original Herbaceous Blend Topping flavor is what started it all at Karen's Artisan Popcorn! Even my students, ages 3-to-8, would beg me to make them what they called "Karen's Korn" for snack time. You'll taste a perfect balance of herbs, spices, and sea salt, to produce that taste that pleases every palate. We love it on popcorn as well as on pasta, as a meat rub, with rice, on salad with a little olive oil and more! It's a must have, special and unique seasoning to have in your spice rack!