Sea Salted Caramel Corn

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Limited Edition (availability is limited for this small-batch labor of love)

gourmet caramel corn: kettle corn topped with handmade caramel, organic sugars and sea salt

Do you love sea salted caramels AND popcorn like I do? Well, I decided to marry them together into a gourmet popcorn treat! I take a batch of my sweet and salty kettle corn, that already has a naturally-buttery flavor, and toss it with my handmade caramel sauce. I use coconut oil instead of butter, which gives the caramel a divine buttery-sweetness. As a bonus for some it also makes it dairy-free and vegan. I then top everything with organic cane sugar, powdered sugar and a mix of sea salt and minerals salts. The result is a dreamy, sweet and salty, caramel-crunch popcorn indulgence!